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Nordstrom Finds a Space on Park Avenue...or Maybe Not...Just Loooking...and Other News

DrakehotelWWD (which seems to have opened its website up to the public for free, at least for now) tells us that Nordstrom is seriously eyeing the Drake Hotel on Park Avenue and 56th Street for its New York store...or maybe they aren't. It seems the Seattle based retailer has been scouring every inch of Manhattan for a suitable space to open a store but haven't been sold on anything yet, and frankly, we can't blame them since none of the various sites we have heard of as possibilities sound right to us either. Penn Station? Seriously! Nordstrom is taking its time, and while it will be interesting to see what happens when they actually do open, we can't fault them for not rushing into a potential high profile mistake. Think about it. Nordstrom. In the Meatpacking District? We don't think so.
Dean and Deluca, on the other hand are somewhat less trepidatious. RACKED tells us that they have signed on to 3,200 square feet in the New York Times Building set to open in mid 2008. Swastkabag It looks like another café sized location, but it should do well serving the occupants of the building, as well as class up the Port Authority Bus Station least a little bit.
• From Fashion Binge, we hear that Zara has gotten into hot water in Europe over an ethnic embroidered handbag whose many colorful patterns include cute little swastikas (click image for a closer look). Yes, yes,yes, we know. It's an age old design that for centuries had nothing but positive associations until the Nazis came along and ruined it. It can be found in ancient art from all sorts of cultures. Voguecarryallcover Does the systematic murder of 12 million people and attempt at world domination really negate the centuries of positive meaning for the symbol?
Yes, you morons at Zara. Yes it does.
• And finally, The Fashion Informer tells us that select Vogue readers received special clear carrying cases with leather and bamboo handles just for holding the gargantuan 880 page September issue. Doesn't the fact that the magazine needs a special carrier tell someone over at Condé Nast that the magazine has finally gotten too damn big?
Doubt it.


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