Kate Moss Update #1: Online Sellout
Steve & Barry's Redux: Amanda Bynes Signs Up for Late Summer

Kate Moss Update #2: Madison Avenue Lineup


Well, it might not be the sort of insanity that was whipped up in London last week, but there were a little over 100 eager shoppers lined up in front of Barneys' Flagship on Madison Avenue just before 10AM waiting patiently to get their claws on some Kate Moss for Topshop. Katemossbarneys2_3 The ones at the front of the line had been waiting for about three hours on what turned out to be the warmest morning of the year so far. At least one was wearing her M by Madonna sunglasses. Instead of repeating La Moss's brief window appearances in London, the store hired live models to stand in the windows wearing Kate Moss masks beside signs reading "where's Kate?". Katemossbarneys3 The front door opened at 10, and security took about 5 minutes to admit the line at which point the rest of the store's doors were opened. The group was mostly younger and more casual than the typical Barneys customer on Madison, which was no surprise. They skibbled up the escalator to the seventh floor and proceeded to strip the white rolling racks in the relatively small Topshop area of any and all merchandise like the shopping pirhana they have practiced for years to become. Stockpeople were ready, and scrambled to replenish, but by 10:15, managers were telling customers that there were no more dresses, but t-shirts and jeans were still available. Unless they are holding back merchandise, we are predicting sellout by 12 Noon, or at least by the end of the day.
COMING UP: reports from Chelsea, SoHo & The U.W.S.


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