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Goodbye Bang Bang. We'll Miss...um...We'll Notice You're Not There Anymore


Ah the fate of the poor, forlorn Bang Bang. Can we be surprised at the demise of the store in which nobody we know would ever admit to shopping? Or even walking into. Once the big 8th Street branch closed, we knew the Chelsea location couldn't be hanging around too much longer. We don't know what's become of the other two units in the chain. But, really, Bang Bang was more of an object of ridicule than a store for us. Consider the following sample exchange:

"You wouldn't believe I bought this at KMart!"
"Well, it's not like you bought it at Bang Bang or someplace like that."

Bang Bang had a special place as the epitome of tacky, janky and cheesy. It was the home of jeans that were cut too low, too flared, too tight, and most likely, too sparkly. Their merchandise was cheap, and looked it, but it was like those tranny hookers we used to see around the meatpacking district, one day they were gone, and things seemed a little blander.


Ouch! Caustic and Biting! My favorite combination.

They're killing NY. The mall fascists are killing it. I'm moving to LA. At least there's still something authentic about being totally fake.

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