Issey Miyake's Madison Move
The Times Goes To the Mall

Soup Burg Retreats • Samantha Approaches

Img_1809_1 In case you were wondering how long the decrepit diner Soup Burg could last as Madison Avenue's rents shoot ever skyward, you have your answer.
Not any longer.
It will soon become the Manrico cashmere store that had been displaced by Issey Miyake further down the street. Consider  The Palate King's description at Mr.Hipster, "...this place is a hidden pit of deliciousness wrapped in an opaque wax paper exterior. It's crowded and smoky, and perpetually smells of bacon, but sit at the counter, grab a burger and fries and sink into burger heaven." Nostalgic pictures can be found at Dr Weingolb (No, we don't know what kind of doctor he is.)
Mmmmm. While most won't miss what could only be described as a greasy spoon, consider that it was one of the dwindling affordable places to eat lunch for all those people who work in Madison Avenue's boutiques.
What, you thought they went to Nello everyday?Img_1808
We certainly hope they can get decades of bacon aroma out of the building.
In other Madison news, Samantha Thavasa, the handbag line that has gainfully employed Nicky Hilton is coming to Madison Avenue.
We hear they are huge in Japan.
Somehow that doesn't sound as impressive as it once did.


As luck would have it, "Dr Weingolb" specializes in wine shopping. One day on Madison I'm sure you'll pass each other (unless for some odd reason or another, Weingolb ends up on Madison Street again:

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