New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 3: Costello-Tagliapietra • Sari Gueron • UPS vs. Peroni
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New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 3: Tuleh • Kai Kühne • Akiko Ogawa

Img_1386We needed a break! We went home, had some supper and refreshed ourselves for the challenge of getting into the Tuleh show. OK, so we don't get invited to everything. We're still a young blog. We won't give away our secrets, but Please, Thank You and a press pass go a long way.

More on Tuleh as well as Kai Kühne and Akiko Ogawa after the jump

7:00 PM The Promenade • TULEH
Tuleh When we think of Tuleh, we remember back a few years to then co-designer Josh Patner's ecstatic reaction when we told him we had just made one of the first retail sales of their debut collection. We had never been so gleefully hugged by a designer before (nor since come to think of it). Patner is only peripherally involved with the label now, but Bryan Bradley is skillfully maintaining the aesthetic they developed despite a brief, unfortunate foray into frothy pouf dresses in this collection. This season, their superfeminine silhouette is underscored with graphic black and white patterns and bold colors like canary yellow and orange. There are no shrinking violets at Tuleh, and no boring neutrals either. Somehow they manage to make a bow necked blouse look youthful. A lantern sleeved coatdress in cracked black patent leather was a defining showpiece, that demonstrated the delicate balance between classic and flashy that keeps Tuleh fun.

Music: David Bowie's "China Girl"
Swag: Whatever it was, we didn't get it. We were lucky to get in at all.
Celebrities: The Tuleh show is a mainstay on the calendars of socialites all over the city.

8:00 PM The Altman Building • KAI KÜHNE / MYSELF
Kai This was The Shophound's second trip to the Altman Building today. It's as if someone forgot that the point of the Bryant Park tent complex was so that everything would be together in close proximity. Nor were we particularly happy to wait outside for 45 minutes. But everything was made better when we met the delightful Trisha, Melody and Goldie of, fashion bloggers from California. They made our wait fly by. When we finally got inside, former As Four member Kai Kühne showed us a collection that strongly evoked the architectural looks of the early '80's. An oversized white bubble blouson started the show, and the standout piece was a strapless dress in gold lamé constructed of giant petals. Sometimes the looks got tricky, but when they hit the mark they made a strong statement with bold shapes and samurai shoulder flanges.

Music: 70's porn music, Barbra Streisand?! (possibly from her 'Stoney End' period)
Swag: there may have been some but we didn't see it
Celebrities: Kooky/eccentric nightlife people.

9:00 PM The Atelier • AKIKO OGAWA
Akiko 9 PM on a Sunday night is not such a great time slot, so Akiko Ogawa made The Atelier tent look a little fuller by setting out fewer chairs. Luckily, we still got one of them, because we are tired. TIRED. Our eyes are blurry, and the collections are starting to run together,and it's only day three. Tokyo based Ogawa woke us up by adding an element we hadn't seen yet, a touch of high camp in her Doris Day meets Riviera Babe collection. Taste issues are not her concern, and the touches of glitz only served to enhance this anything but subtle collection. We have no idea who will wear it. The kind of girls Paris Hilton has given a bad name to, perhaps? It made for a  entertaining cap to the day.

Music: Girly electro pop
Swag: A canvas tote decorated with a big silkscreen "A"
Celebrities: Tyson Beckford in a Mohawk.


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