New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 2: Dragana Ognjenovic
New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 3: Costello-Tagliapietra • Sari Gueron • UPS vs. Peroni

New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 3: Lela Rose • Brian Reyes


An early morning time slot at the tents is a rough break, and early Sunday is probably the roughest, but Lela Rose and Brian Reyes gamely carried on, and the important retailers showed up on time to show their support. The plus for The Shophound is the lack of friends of friends, cousins, boyfriends and assorted hangers-on who seem to have plagued yesterday and clogged the check-ins for nearly every show. Basically they were in our way! This morning it was all business at Mercedes Benz General Motors Olympus Fashion Week, as Reyes' front row (above) proved.
We can't believe we have succumbed to getting the big lime green hobo bag from the WE Women's Entertainment booth to carry extra stuff. This is a two-bag endeavor, and one of ours is a big green purse! You can pretend you don't know us. We'll understand.

More on Rose & Reyes after the jump.

9:00 AM The Atelier • LELA ROSE

Lelarose First show of the day, and the first one we have seen to actually start with empty seats in the front row! If we had been quick, we would have snagged our seat from last night, and gotten backstage shots, but we were just happy to sit at all. So far most of Lela Rose's notoriety still stems from dressing the Bush twins, but she is continuing to prove herself. She adapted her signature feminine details to the prevailing shapes of the season, including the already ubiquitous short, A-line, smock. Ruffles, trapunto detail and tatted lace were all in evidence. Subtle metallic touches added luster to egg-shaped dresses with monochrome textured detail. Rose also used dusty spice colors, a welcome departure from the neutral palette that seems to be taking over the season. Glitter was also added by the Van Cleef & Arpels diamonds used to accesorize most of the outfits.

Music: Vintage soul
Swag: 1.6 oz. sized bottle of Van Cleef & Arpels Murmure Eau de Toilette spray
Celebrities: Veronica Mars star Kristin Bell got up bright and early for Rose's show! The Shophound loves VM, and she looked gorgeous (if a touch out of season) in an oatmeal tweed sheath. We only got one halfway decent shot of her,


but she did smile for us, and she deserves a good defugging from The Fug Girls today.

10:00 AM The UPS Hub • BRIAN REYES

Reyes First André Leon Talley Sighting! He is wearing a big white alligator skin trench coat.
Brian Reyes is an up and comer, and though his third show was also lightly attended, the appearance of Barney's, Bergdorf's, Saks & Neiman's along with Talley should hearten him. First look is an empire strapless short bubble in woven chenille. The shapes are more of what we have been seeing, but tempered with Reyes' sure hand with embellishment, and beading which is what will set them apart. He deftly mixes sheer and opaque fabrics without giving that peep-show effect. This is a beautiful show. André looks bored, but who knows how to read him? The short dirndl is here! Sounds scary, but you'll be seeing a lot of them, we already have.

Music: Remix of new Justin Timberlake album
Swag: None we could discern
Celebrities: Tracee Ellis Ross and the aforementioned Talley, Couture milliner Philip Treacy


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