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New York Fashion Week Spring 2007: Fake Paris Hilton Explained • Jeanisis by Anand Jon

We didn't have time to get this in right away, but we didn't want it to fall completely by the wayside. Not as bad as Scanty, but not too much better.

September 9, 5:00 PM The Metropolitan Pavilion • JEANISIS by ANAND JON
So far this location is not offering much promise, There is Tim Gunn, but he's everywhere this week. The door at Jeanisis by Anand Jon has us listed as a photographer, which, as you can tell by our photographs, we are not. No problem, lots of seats. We can relax, a celebrity has arrived. Paris Hilton's lookalike is here with some sort of cohort. The thing is, she is being treated just like Real Paris Hilton with photographers and a fuss over settling her into a front row seat. We think Fake Paris Hilton is wearing a wig. She has expertly copied the Real Paris' posture and mannerisms. One would tend to wonder what purpose Fake Paris Hilton serves, but it seems that she is here to provide a Paris Hilton for events where Real Paris Hilton wouldn't be caught dead.Nataliereid And this show would be one such event. It's the second day of shows, and we're already getting picky, but a parade of low waist boot cut jeans in various washes and degrees of appliqué is not news.Nnenna Not even Fake Paris Hilton would be caught dead at Fashion Week in such a style. There are a few halter tops, a few gowns, and some non-denim items, but nothing can really make up for the jeans. Except here comes Nnenna from America's Next Top Model down the runway! We always liked her from the show, and she actually makes a good model, if a little short. If she only had Fake Paris Hilton's legs.

Music: Trance, House, Justin Timberlake
Swag: None
Celebrities: See above


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