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New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 8: Doo.Ri Saves the Night • Lisa Thon • Manuel • Doo.Ri


It's the last day of Olympus Fashion Week, and we have a bundle of mixed feelings. We love a good fashion show, always have, probably always will, but do we love exactly 50 of them in 8 days? Well, not all of them were actually good. Some of them were right in the room with Anna and André, and then some of them were with, well, we don't know who some of those people were, or what they were doing there.
Dreary weather put a little damper on thing for the last day. And so did an infuriating incident involving the highly anticipated debut show of a certain reality show winner and a chronically inept and disrespectful PR firm, but more on that later.
Here's a few images from the last 24 hours or so. Be sure to click on them to make them bigger.
DitaandeveThis is one of our favorite shots on the left, if only because it reminds us of this post of genius from the Fug Girls. We like to rib Dita Von Teese a little because of her weird husband and her louche profession, but let's face it.Kanye In person she is an alabaster goddess. And Eve is a trouper who just keeps on working, and we have deep respect for that.
On the right is Kanye West leaving the Zac Posen show. We did not go to that show, but we can enjoy the spectacle of celebrities who did. Usually they have lighter security in the tents because it's a relatively controlled environment with lots of in house security.Niecynash Here's "Reno 911" and "Clean House" star Niecy Nash. She was here for Lisa Thon and spent a little time choosing her jewels for the day at the Judith Ripka booth. She may not seem like your typical fashion person but who cares? She's funny and she stopped and posed for us.Peroniman
And before we go, we must report that the Peroni boys have returned to the scene in force which can only mean that they have emerged triumphant. Sure there were a few UPS guys milling about, but the brownie trays were fewer and further between, and there was no way they could compete with free beer and biceps, although the belt buckle/bottle openers were moved from the front to the hip for the sake of propriety.

reviews of Lisa Thon, Manuel and Doo.Ri after the jump

12:00 PM The Atelier • LISA THON
Lisathon6Lisa Thon hails from Puerto Rico who sponsored her show. she gave the trends of the season a sensual tropical vibe in shades of brown shifting to soft pinks and rose and ending at bright red. She included sexy swimwear with sheer cover-ups, and her best looks were the ones that interpreted the season's empire shapes in chiffon with an extra flounce for a little bit of Latin flavor.

Lisathon1 Lisathon2


Music: Funky Latin House
Swag: Aveda candle in Lavandou
Celebrities: Niecy Nash, Bree Williamson (One Life To Live), James Brown (From "The Color Purple", not The Godfather of Soul), Jeannie Most (CNN) and lots of friends and family.

1:00 PM The Tent • MANUEL

We were particularly looking forward to the Manuel show because it's always interesting to see what a company that does its own thing will bring to Fashion Week. They sent the most beautiful invitation we recieved, and we knew that Neiman Marcus was supporting them, so we thought something fun was afoot. We also saw these folks in the lobby,



so we were expecting a offbeat western themed show from designer Manuel Cuevas and his son, Manuel Jr. As we entered the Tent, classic country and western played, but when the lights went down, the music abruptly switched to hard guitar rock, and Omahyra strutted out wearing leather pants and pair of crystal bandeleros, followed by a male counterpart. This show had bikers on its mind rather than cowboys. Manuel's strengths were in their beautifully worked leathers, some with impressive embroideries. Anything with a western feeling looked great, but their more basic tailored pieces lacked the design finesse to compete in the same tent that had hosted Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang earlier in the week. The ruffled evening dresses were just plain unnecessary, and detracted from what makes this brand special, which would be their long tradition in western-style clothing.  Manuel could become the next Chrome Hearts if they stuck to what they do best.



Music: Aerosmith, Dr. Dre, Elvis
Swag: None to be seen
Celebrities: PR company MAO's offbeat downtown list from Jason Wu, Tina Louise

5:00 PM The Atelier • JAY McCARROLL
We were really pleased to get this invitation. We knew we couldn't gain entry to the big Project Runway finale show earlier in the day, but this one seemed just as important, the long awaited debut of the first winner, with everyone wondering, would Jay become fashion's Kelly Clarkson, or it's Ruben Studdard? We skipped the preceding show and got there early. We did not want to miss this one. So with our invitation in hand, we got into the standing line and waited with our new friends from Omiru.com, Goldie, Melody and Trisha, and waited and waited, and suddenly the show started playing on the monitors, and security told us and a hundred other people holding invitations that the room was full and they couldn't let us in.
Shophound    not    happy.
We're not mad at you, Jay. We just hope that the next time you stage a runway show that you hire a more professional PR firm that has more respect for the people it invites and books a more appropriately sized venue.

6:00 PM The Promenade • DOO.RI
Doori9 Doori10


The evening wasn't a total loss. The lovely and professional people at LaForce and Stevens were only too happy to admit us to see the Doo.Ri show, another one we had been hoping to catch. The Shophound has been following Doo Ri Chung for the past few years, and now that she has won the CFDA Perry Ellis Award, she is coming into her own. This season, as always, she focused on her signature draping in the season's neutral palette. Blouson tops with hip swags flowed gracefully over cigarette pants. Waists were defined with wide leather bands, and she added new twists with graphic prints and subtle touches of beading. Two outstanding finale gowns in platinum satin and chiffon showed off the expertise and body consciousness she learned from years of working with the masterful Geoffrey Beene, and Doo.Ri is upholding his weighty legacy with aplomb.

Doori1 Doori2 Doori3Doori4_1 Doori5_1 Doori6


Music: Euro-Techno
Swag: Who knows?
Celebrities: Couldn't see. Gad just to get in.

We've still got lots of material, so we will be putting out some backtrack reviews in the next couple of days, but we're taking the weekend off. Wake us when it's Monday.

The Shophound


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