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New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 7: Chiffon Edition • J. Mendel • Jason Wu


Put one model in the lobby of Olympus Fashion Week and watch the flashbulbs swarm. We don't know what her signifigance is, or who made her dress, but everyone wants a picture just so they don't miss anything, which explains why The Shophound is still here. We have slowed the pace, however, and took a nice nap during Vera Wang's show. Ponchoguy Not in the show! We went home for the nap. Like we would fall asleep in the tents.Ambriellecd_1 So gauche!
Today's addition to the giveaway boys are the Hawke & Co. Outfitters rain poncho crew, who have perfect timing as today is the inevitable rainy day that always happens during Fashion Week. They are less polished than the UPS, Peroni and Ambrielle guys, but ever so much more practically minded! Speaking of the mysterious Ambrielle, today's sense is sound, and we are offered CDs apparently containing "the sound of sensuality"which apparently sounds like an Easy Listening bonanza mix of Enigma, Sade, Dido, Seal, Norah Jones, and, the dreaded Enya among others. We don't know if it's really sensual, but it's sooo relaxing.
Kathygriffin_1 Since we sat out the frenzy of Badgley Mischkla, we got a good look at the Stars on their way out who included the ubiquitous Tinsley Mortimer, and, surprise, our favorite D-Lister Kathy Griffin! We love Kathy because she makes us laugh and because she couldn't have been happier to stop for a picture. Apparently, our love is sort of easy to buy.

J. Mendel and Jason Wu reviews after the jump

10:00 AM The Promenade • J. MENDEL
Mendel1 Mendel2


We actually wanted to give this show its own post because it more than deserves it, but seriously, we only have so much time to write these posts. J.Mendel was one of the shows we made a special effort to see, and it was not an easy one to gain access to. Security was tight, probably due to concerns about anti-fur crashers. The bag check was in full effect, but it was all worth it. This was a standout. We're a little weary of seeing neutral toned collections, but not if they look like this one.  J. Mendel has managed to do in a few seasons what it took Fendi decades to do, and that is create a fashion image apart from the furs that made the venerable brand's name. While there was plenty of fur here, used as trim and decoration, and in a few light broadtail jackets and coats, the focus was on the breathtaking monochromatic clothes. A raincoat made of chocolate patent leather and organza was a marvel of intricately worked materials and unexpected contrasts. Extravagantly ethereal chiffon and organza gowns in colors like Anthracite, Opal and Alabaster were punctuated with narrow patent leather belts, and every fabric had a pearly luster. Designer Gilles Mendel has a sure hand with ornamentation, understanding just how much is enough. After seeing one too many not-ready-for-prime-time collections this week, it was a pleasure for The Shophound to sit back and enjoy this display of superb couture technique that had its audience swooning by the end.

Music: Trancey pop, Sia "Breathe Me" remixes
Swag: We barely got into this one. Swag was definitely limited to front few rows, an unpleasant trend that only emphasizes the already exaggerated pecking order.
Celebrities: Melania Trump and a platoon of other socialites, Tinsley, etc.

9:00 PM The Atelier • JASON WU
Jasonwu1 Jasonwu2


While much has been made about the return of the waist this year, in many collections it looks like it has gotten scared and disappeared entirely. Not so at Jason Wu who has received a huge amount of publicity in the past few weeks by making the dress that Eva Longoria wore to the Emmy Awards. Evainwu Say what you will about the queen of T.M.I., she cleans up good when it comes to an awards show, and a dress on her back is like a gift from the heavens for a new designer. Wu's show included variations on that dress with hems lower in the back and bustier bodices. This was the rare collection this season that appeared to be devoid of trapeze shapes and empire silhouettes. Wu avoided the tricks that so many young designers can't resist. He kept things clean and elegant in black and white with tulle overlays and artfully draped chiffons. Satin hourglass goddess gowns should keep any red carpet queen camera-ready, and the wildly appreciative crowd couldn't get enough.

Music: Honestly we can't remember. it was a 9 PM show.
Swag: None for us. No swag for standing!
Celebrities: Eclectic collection of downtown nightlife fixtures of all genders. Sylvia Miles, Baroness Sherry von Körber-Bernstein, Nolé Marin, DJ Lina, Kevin Aviance, "Reno 911" and "Clean House" star Niecy Nash


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