New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 5: Luxe Edition • Monique Lhuillier • Bill Blass
New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 3: Backtrack Edition • John Varvatos

New York Fashion Week Spring 2007 Day 6: Rising Stars Edition • Peter Som • Richard Chai

AmbrielleNew players have entered the game of handsome young men passing out free stuff here at Old Spice  Budweiser Olympus Fashion Week. It's the Ambrielle boys. We don't know exactly what Ambrielle is, (and apparently neither do the boys) but yesterday they gave out chocolate truffles and today they distributed...soap. It's some sort of five senses theme. yesterday was taste. Today it's scent we don't know what tomorrow will be, but they have only two days to squeeze in three senses. The UPS boys were back too, but by now the brownies are old we only had one.Mrcolourful Here is today's Mr. Colourful. It seems he doesn't mind being photographed at all, but he always makes the same cranky face. This coat is actually a printed fabric. How he got matching wellies, we don''t know.
It's a madhouse as people check into the Michael Kors show. This may be one for the monitors, because 'Project Runway' has made Kors into a multimedia celebrity, so his show is an even hotter ticket than it was already. Security is doing bag inspections for people in Standing Room as they enter the tent. That's a first, and everyone has an extra bag.Mariakors2 Mariakors_1 Here's Maria Menounos interviewing Joan Kors, Michael's mother, who has become a media figure in her own right after her 'Runway" appearance. It looks like Joan is wearing exactly what she wore on the show, a navy pantsuit. Pretty Maria is wearing a beaded cocktail 10:45 in the morning. Apparently she has gotten her AM's and PM's mixed up. As the show lets out we see that Anna Wintour has her own 4-man security detail. And they call her aloof!  We have decided that if Maria can wear bugle beads before Noon, then it's not too early for another brownie.

Peter Som and Richard Chai reviews after the jump.

We did manage to catch Peter Som and Richard Chai in person this morning. Both rising are stars who  showed different interpretations of romantic femininity.

10:00 AM The Promenade • PETER SOM
Som5 Som6


Peter Som showed one of the most extravagantly feminine sportswear collections so far. He was inspired by 18th Century French painting as evidenced by the many Watteau backed dresses he showed in taffeta and flowing chiffon. he told Women's Wear Daily, "This season is all about luxe with a light touch-and slightly deconstructed." Rather than drown his girls in Pompadour ruffles (though there was no shortage of frills) he interpreted the richness of the period through fabrics using lacy jacquards and raffia damasks for textured coats and skirts. Naturally, the empire waist ruled in this collection, though he embellished simpler, more fitted looks with draping and knotting. Standouts included the finale dress in cerulean blue washed organdy. Yes, that's 'cerulean' for all you Devil Wears Prada fans.

Som1 Som2 Som3


Remember to click the images for a larger view

Music: Girly guitar rock
Swag: Couldn't tell
Celebrities: ?

12:00 PM The Atelier • RICHARD CHAI
Chai3 Chai4


Chai6Richard Chai showed  why the tents are a good thing even as some designers prefer more personal spaces. Nearly every model in his show had to come from Michael Kors who used every single model of prominence, male and female for his double length runway. Chai had a more casual take on embellishment using a palette of black, cream and khaki with the occasional splash of washed pastel. His basic shapes in simpler fabrics were decorated with elaborate pleats and tucks, particularly on the back yokes of jackets. In dark colors the seams were outlined with white stitching. Taken at once the effect could be overwrought, but a piece at a time showed  remarkable skill in construction.  Chai  added shine draped ciré linen and subtle crystal accents on patterned fabrics.



Music: barely any
None we could see, but we think Chai was mainly concerned that key executives from Bergdorf's Neiman's and Saks were there.


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