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Caravan Settles On Great Jones

Img_0876 You may have seen the van parked around the city in various neighborhoods. So have we, but we never ventured in because, well, why shop in a van when you live in a city full of stores? Now, Caravan has opened a permanent, non-mobile store on Great Jones Street. It's a beautiful, soaring space, and they make the most of it by creating a comfortable living room style space, so comfortable, in fact, that the staff can't seem to get up from the couch.
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Opening060512_560_1 We were alerted to the opening by New York magazine, and since our shopgirl trip was a bust yesterday, we thought we might make it up here. Caravan started a year ago as an attempt to shake things up on the retail scene, and its website describes it's offerings as

a hip mix of contemporary clothing, accessories, gift items, and art. This includes a wide range of products from great fitting jeans, swimwear, handbags, dresses to home and gift items such as stationary[sic], candles and books.

Spelling aside, they have an assortment of new and familiar labels, and appealing impulse purchases like hand-tooled leather belts with brass buckles for around $55. When we walked in, we were greeted by a young woman standing by the register, and as we walked through we were heard a chirpy "Hello" from one of three young women all seated on the comfy furniture, all of whom remained so as we browsed the shop. Bad. Bad. Bad. Not as bad as leaving a store completely open and unattended, but hopelessly poor form all the same, especially since we were the only customer in the place at the time. It's impressive that Caravan has developed their roving boutique business enough to open a store in a fairly high profile location, but if they want to keep it, they may want to upgrade their service from coach to first class.

Caravan 2 Great Jones Street at Broadway, Manhattan


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